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Eunmi Lee is a New York-based Korean jazz pianist, composer, and educator who is fearless in experimenting with blending her cultural background with contemporary Jazz. At a young age, she discovered her love for music. She did her associate degree at the Seoul Institute of Arts in Korea.


After graduating, she worked as a professional musician in many different fields, including theater, bandstand, and media music in Korea. In 2016, she expanded her music horizon by studying and playing abroad during her Bachelor of Music degree in the Netherlands as a Jazz piano major with a Holland National Excellence scholarship.


In 2019, she completed her bachelor of music program one year earlier than expected. She was fascinated by Jazz music and eager to explore it deeply. In 2020, she moved to New York City and received her master of music degree from New York University as a Jazz piano major under the guidance of Dave Pietro and Dr. Dave Schroeder. 


She released her debut album, "Introspection," with an acclaimed musicians group, including Alan Ferber, Ari Hoenig, John Ellis, Jon Gordon, Remy Le Boeuf, Meg Okura, and more. It consists of her seven original compositions that tell a story of her personal approach to music. It offers a variety of sound settings, from a jazz piano trio to a 17-piece jazz orchestra. In addition, She is participating in the BMI Jazz Composer Workshop as one of the composers.


Eunmi was a recipient of the Prize Winner of the Daegu International Contemporary Music Festival in 2013. She was also a Semi-Finalist in the 7 Virtual Jazz Contest in 2019 and received an Honorable Mention in the Ithaca International Jazz Composition Contest in 2023.

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