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AR Stash by BILLD

"The future of jazz composition, arranging, improvisation, and performance is in good hands.

A recurrent event in the jazz community is the preparation of eager young new talent to build upon the innovations of past generations. Yet another young jazz musician, Eunmi Lee, has arrived with intricate shaded colors, advanced textures, and thoughtful musical approaches. Her good hands are creating captivating piano improvisations and, just as importantly, write multi-cultural works based in the jazz tradition. The ideas that Lee’s hands express originate in her mind—a fact readily made clear by the title of her first album, Introspection, for which she composed all the music..." [read more]

All About Jazz by Jack Bowers

“...An exemplary debut by the talented Lee who seems destined for wider appreciation.” [read more]

JAZZ PEOPLE by Wonyong Cho ★

"Eunmi Lee has presented densely crafted compositions from her debut album onward. She explores a diverse range of musical arrangements, experimenting with string sessions and a big band setting.

...Just as Lee described the color of her heart as the color of the sky in her song 'Azure,' one can only wonder how many more stories she will say, starting with this blue color debut album. It's a fortunate fact that this is just the first chapter in Eunmi Lee's storytelling journey." [read more]

Jazz History Online by Thomas Cunniffe

“...Eunmi Lee has already developed a unique musical voice and a highly personal approach to music composition and improvisation. With the proper support of her talent, she is certain to develop into one of the greatest musicians of her generation.” [read more]

Musical Memoirs by Dee Dee McNeil

“...Eunmi Lee composes gorgeous music; music to contemplate on and to sweetly ingest, like slowly licking ice cream from a cone.” [read more]

JW Vibe by Jonathan Widran

“...Introspection is a fascinating debut from an artist whose sense of melodic and harmonic adventure knows no bounds. It’s an exciting foundation for a career that promises to be a fruitful, ever-evolving excursion into the future of contemporary jazz… A true musical citizen of the world and fast emerging, multi-faceted musical visionary.” [read more]

Simply Jazz Talk

"...There is so much to admire about Introspection: the writing, the variation in group settings from quartet to full ensemble, the variety of musical styling, and, of course, the standard of playing... I have been very fortunate to review a number of very good debut albums this year and this sits comfortably among the best of them." [read more]

Slang of Ages by Preston Frazier

“A musical journey filled with captivating melodies and thought-provoking compositions…Eunmi Lee's "Introspection" is a stunning debut album that highlights her exceptional talent as a pianist and composer. The album is an engaging listen for jazz enthusiasts.” [read more]

Notes on Jazz by Michael Doherty

“Delightful… an uplifting, hopeful vibe.” [read more]

All About Jazz by Dan McClenghan

“...All tunes here were penned by Lee. Moods shift and ensemble interplay is top-notch…. a dream sound that points to Lee's musical versatility. "Wavelength" puts on display—after showcasing chamber jazz and bigger band offerings—Lee's skill at small ensemble writing. Employing just piano, guitar, bass and drums, she crafts a spare, gorgeous ballad that explores the concept of human compassion.” [read more]

Paris-Move by Thierry de Clemensat

“...Classical and jazz meet and bounce off each other with compositions that are perfectly written and arranged… a discreetly charming album that may very well loop on your CD player.” [read more]

The JazzPage

"Introspection is the outstanding debut recording from New York-based pianist and composer Eunmi Lee. The production is a special one, featuring completely original compositions from Lee that explore interesting combinations of musical moods and instrumentation while remaining thoroughly entertaining. In addition to Lee’s stellar touch on the keys, the effort includes great contributions from Vinicius […]" [read more]

JazzQuad (Belarus) by Leonid Auskern

“...Everything is of the highest quality.” [read more]

Jazz Life in Japan by Hiroshi Ogawa

"...This is a versatile album, consisting entirely of her original songs, with a strong rhythm team, a horn section, and strings. Saxophonist John Ellis gives a powerful accent to this work, and the graceful nature of the triple flame of strings in her songs also adds to the album's charm. The lyrical piano that can be heard in the quartet performance in 6-Wavelength is also excellent. If I had to be greedy, I'd like to hear her as a pianist a little more, but there's no doubt that it's a good piece of work." [read more]

Rootstime (Netherlands) by Jan van Leersum

“Music that takes you on a wonderful musical journey. Lee's refined and almost fragile piano playing is at its best, beautiful!“ [read more]

Jazz Trail NY by Filipe Freitas
"New York-based Korean pianist and composer Eunmi Lee gathered a first-class ensemble for her debut album, Introspection, which falls into an engagingly modern mainstream milieu. The seven original compositions comprising this well-rounded program have been written since 2017, revealing a skillful sense of reinvention in the arrangements...." [read more]

Take Effect by Tom Haugen
“The debut from a talent who is well versed in melodic and harmonic gestures, pianist, composer and educator Eunmi Lee brings along some of New York City’s finest for these 7 modern jazz tracks. Originally from South Korea but now living in NYC, Lee is quickly making a name for herself in contemporary jazz, as evidenced by this diverse and accomplished first album.” [read more]

-Ed Neumeister Composer/Conductor/Trombonist
"She has proven herself to be a highly motivated and dedicated musician. She is knowledgeable and proficient in many styles of modern music and is knowledgeable and respectful of the history and evolution of musical styles. At the same time, she is not afraid to experiment and take risks, thus moving her music into the future with an individual and unique voice."

-Michael Wolff  Jazz Pianist
"She has always been committed to becoming the best musician she can be, becoming her own person as an artist with her own approach and style.  She is achieving a unique sound by blending her cultural background with jazz. Not only is Eunmi a talented musician, but she is also a wonderful person who is kind and giving to others."

-ChoongWan Hahn Pianist/Professor of Seoul Institute of the Arts
"She is an enthusiastic musician. She has quite an ability both in writing and playing, not only in commercial music but also in contemporary jazz. I believe she has a solid background in music theory; she also can write and play the piano quite tastefully.

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